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Is Your Office Running Out Of Space

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  • 31-10-2022
Is Your Office Running Out Of Space

This article asks: is your office running out of space? We look at the symptoms of running out of office space and options available when you need additional office space.

What to Do When You Are Running Out of Office Space

For many businesses, the office is the heart and the soul of the company. Much of the work and cooperation that takes place in the business would not be possible without the office. 

Even though employee growth and expansion are incredibly exciting - running out of office space can be an absolute stress-inducing nightmare. It can lead to that perfect team-building office becoming an absolute mess full of unhappy employees and a terrible company image.

Do these kinds of growing pains ring a bell? Well, let's have a look at the symptoms of running out of office space.

Symptoms of Running Out of Office Space

Team breakout areas have turned into space for something else

What was once meeting rooms are now workstations or are no longer capable of meeting demands

The office is at full capacity when it comes to storage, and many areas are packed with filing cabinets

It has become difficult to navigate your way through the office

There are a lot of communication breakdowns due to the space's volume and cramped workspace

Staff retention is decreasing due to unhappy employees

Running low on office space does not necessarily mean that you have to pack up everything and move to a new location as soon as possible. If you think carefully and creatively, then you can completely re-configure your space and make it work for all of your requirements. Next, let's take a look at the solutions.

 Is Your Office Running Out Of Space?

Solutions To Running Out Of Office Space

Your business might be doing fantastic, and your employees may be happy, but that can all change once you start to run out of office space. Running out of space in your office can be a highly stress-inducing situation. It will often lead to a disorganised and messy workspace that is the perfect breeding ground for terrible business decisions. As well as this, a cramped office certainly does not look good on corporate videos.

Thankfully there are a variety of ways that you can reorganise a messy office, reduce the amount of office clutter, and ensure that you are making the most of the office space you have.

Use Less Paper

Whenever it is possible, you should try to go digital with documents relating to the business. Reducing the amount of paper within the office will assist with the maximisation of your office space.

This is a way of solving a lot of the problems that you will run up against, if you are running out of room in an office. There will be a reduced amount of paper stacks, and there will be fewer piles of paper taking up space on every flat usable surface in the workspace.

Reducing the amount of paper you use will also reduce some business costs, especially if you replace it with ticketing software. The less paper that is used in the workplace, the less money is being spent on office supplies.

So, if you are looking for a simple way to solve office space problems, then have a go at making your office so green. Go digital and try using less paper.


Mobilise Your Workstations

Mobilising workstations is an exciting way to solve the issue of running out of office space. Using mobile workstations makes it easy to change your office space on a day-to-day basis depending on the events taking place that day, a specific working style, an event or a working style. Mobile workstations also allow you to move furniture out of the way or hide away when they are not being used.

This is a really easy fix to implement, and it is especially beneficial to those who are already taking advantage of shared office space options. If your office space is going through some growing pains due to running out of space, then you can easily help the situation by investing in some mobile workstations. Discuss with your employees and consider purchasing some rolling chairs and desks for your commercial office space.

Use Wall Space Productively

Here is a great tip, make your office's walls a more productive space by installing shelves wherever it is possible. This will give you a lot of extra space that you can use for storing papers, files, folders, office supplies, and important pieces of company documentation.

It is also a great way to free up desk space where you could maybe fit in another employee.

This way, you can maximise the efficiency of workspaces by making sure that any items that are non-crucial are completely out of the way of the workspace area.

This is one of our favourite solutions for running out of office space, and it is one we highly recommend. If you are desperately in need of more space, then you should definitely put this one into practice.

GET RID OF OFFICE CLUTTER - additional office space

Get Rid Of Office Clutter

Declutter your office as soon as possible. This is one of the most important steps in the journey to maximise office space. Try to get rid of anything within the office that is of no use to the business. And we mean everything! Potted plants look really nice, but that is valuable office space being used up.

Is there wall art or paintings up on the wall? They can be replaced with shelves. Is there any office furniture which mostly goes unused? Donate it elsewhere. Removing all this clutter will give you a blank slate of sorts that you can then use for redesigning the space.

Invest In Storage Space

Some businesses have a higher need for the keeping of records and file storage than others. But this can be a bit of a nightmare when you are running out of office space.

If this sounds a lot like your business, then the best help we can recommend is investing in a storage space that can be used for the business. Some storage spaces will even come to your office for you and take care of all the documents that need to be taken away.

So without having even to do the heavy lifting yourself, you will have the opportunity to have a whole new space that can be used strictly for the storage of documents.

This is especially great if you have old, outdated or out-of-season office items that are no longer needed but cannot be destroyed for legal reasons. We can guarantee that this option will free up a lot of office space.

INVEST IN STORAGE SPACE - additional office space

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