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We offer high quality shipping container conversions in Upminster, Essex and East London. Find out how you can benefit from a container conversion.

Shipping containers are strong, durable steel containers, manufactured to withstand approximately 10 full years of shipping around the world in all weather conditions. 

However shipping containers are becoming a popular choice for being converted. Whether used as an office, a washroom, a machinery room or any other use you can imagine; shipping containers are a great shell for a variety of uses. 

At East London Container Services we specialise in high quality, professional container conversions. Shipping containers themselves come in a variety of sizes.  With full width doors at one end, fitted with two cam-type locking rods give containers excellent security. 

Shipping containers can be cut down or made larger in length, height or width. They can even be joined together horizontally or vertically with other containers to create additional space.

When customers ask us what a container can be converted into the answer is whatever your mind can imagine. 

At East London Container Services we have converted shipping containers in to a wide variety of things.  From meeting rooms, to machinery rooms, to even homes. You wouldn't believe what we have made over the years. Whatever modification you require can be done. 

Popular design features include electrical fittings, power points, windows, convector heating and air conditioning. 

Many clients also wish for the shipping container to feel less like a container, therefore we install internal lining, partition walls, carpet tiles or durable rubber linoleum flooring. 

We can also install sinks, worktops, shelving and perform any plumbing requirements too in case you plan on using a shipping container as a kitchen. To go even further we can install external cladding, steel shuttering for the windows and anything external as required.

Shipping Container Conversions Upminster, Essex, East London
Container Conversions East London

Come directly to the manufacturer

At East London Container Services we understand when it comes to shipping container conversion that there seems a lot of competitors to us.  Some companies operating out there are just third party operators and don't perform the work themselves.  

If you want the best service and the best price then come directly to us. We have a two-acre site with workshops, fully trained personnel and years of experience. 

Past shipping container conversion projects include: classrooms, school common rooms, offices, secure site offices, canteens, sleeping quarters, sandwich bars, bike stores, mobile shops, workshops, changing rooms, drying rooms, machinery rooms, toilet and shower blocks, fuel and chemical stores secure tack rooms, stables (yes, really!), laboratories, living accommodation... just to name a few! 

Why deal with an intermediary when you can come directly to the manufacturer. At any point in the project you can speak directly to an on-site engineer, get a progress report or even pop down and see you conversion come to life.

Turn your idea into a reality 

At East London Container Services we really love the weird and the wonderful. Perhaps you have an idea but you just want to know if it is physically possible? 

Don't be shy, pick up the phone and get in touch with us today. Our team can give you professional guidance about your container conversion and get you on the right path to turning that idea in to a reality.

Shipping Container Repairs 

Do you already have a shipping container?  Perhaps it is in need of some specialist TLC? 

At East London Container Services  we can be on hand to provide outstanding repairs to shipping containers. From basic welding, to full scale shipping container conversions; we like to think there is no job too big or small. 

If you require professional shipping container repair just get in touch with our friendly team for a chat.


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