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What Are Accommodation Containers

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What Are Accommodation Containers

What are accommodation containers? We look at container accommodation units and the benefits of using accommodation units on worksites.

What are Container Accommodation Units?

It is crucial to discover quick and effective container housing options for construction employees while working on large-scale engineering projects. Time is money, especially in the construction, mining, and oil and gas industries, amongst other businesses.

Benefits of Using Accommodation Units on Worksites

There are several advantages to employing shipping containers as housing on construction sites, and they may be used for several applications. These modules have proven useful in practice for a variety of applications on building sites, including offices, canteens, mess areas, and changing rooms.


It should be made aware that a worksite's security is of the highest importance. Therefore, in addition to their extensive variety of operational duties, shipping containers also have excellent security features. They are essentially vandal-proof due to their marine-spec steel construction and lockbox that secures a high-security padlock to prevent tampering. Last but not least, shipping containers provide some of the safest onsite storage and lodging options accessible to both the public and private sectors.


The adaptability of shipping containers is maybe one of their most unexpected features, as well as one of the ones that will benefit your workplace the most. It cannot be stressed how adaptable they can be. Shipping containers have many more purposes than just holding goods. Your builder should want to assist you in maximising the use of your containers by converting them into offices, canteens, restroom facilities, and more. Such housing units can be equipped with storage racks for more delicate items and insulation. The units can potentially be utilised as sustainable dwellings due to their durability. In certain regions of the world, they are even utilised as schools.


One of the primary advantages of construction-site lodging is its durability. They are extremely sturdy and waterproof because they were built to withstand the worst marine conditions. This perseverance will serve you well in the business. Other than appropriately situating your container and sometimes lubricating the hinges and locks, there isn't much you can do to guarantee it lasts for years.

No Planning Permission

Business owners will be pleased to find that storage containers are among the safest, most versatile, and long-lasting goods to bring to your job site and are typically put without requiring planning approval. Contrary to building a new office or toilet facility, storage container placement is temporary; therefore, obtaining planning clearance is not necessary. Problems could arise if you wish to place your container next to a busy junction or in a residential area. However, you won't frequently need to worry about getting planning approval on a project.


Utilising lodging on construction sites has several advantages, one of which is its environmental friendliness. They are reusable constructions that consume a lot less energy to heat and power than a standard office because of their strength and modest size. Containers can also be transferred when you move because they are not permanent. Your unit won't ever wind up damaging the environment in a landfill thanks to the capacity to relocate your office, restrooms, or canteen to a whole other workplace.

Need Some Extra Office Space?

This specific line of container units is constructed of Corten steel, and because it is also anti-corrosive, they are a durable investment that truly stands the test of time. It's no secret that conventional office buildings are expensive to purchase and operate, yet containerised housing is not only versatile but also affordable. The benefit of containerised housing is that each unit can be stacked, allowing you to increase the number of units while also freeing up more room.

Site Accommodation Units:

Site Offices

Finding office space that is safe, secure, and reasonably priced can be challenging. Your builder can customise their solutions to fit your needs by providing a wide range of options regarding space, shape, fixtures, fittings, and technical features like reinforced, safe secure steel structure, bespoke internal fittings, insulated floor covering, reinforced doors with secure locking, lockable window shutters, vertical sliding windows, combination units, and jacklegs for larger offices. These reinforced steel buildings ensure safety and security, and all of the on-site housing units may be created, altered, and customised to suit your precise requirements.


At a busy site, canteen areas offer a warm, comfortable, and safe place to decompress. Your fundamental requirements are satisfied by the accessible water heater, sink, and work surfaces. Additionally, on-site canteens may be customised to your needs. Along with furniture, wall-mounted heaters, reinforced steel construction, insulated floor covering, secure doors, lockable windows and shutters, vertical sliding windows, combination units, and jacklegs, standard canteen solutions include a sink, workstation, water heater, and cupboards.

Welfare Units

Welfare units are ideal for locations in rural and distant areas since they may incorporate a range of facilities to suit your needs, such as a cooking area, bathroom, drying space, and changing room all in one unit. Each of these modules includes a built-in power generator, water waste tanks, and covered spaces for a completely self-contained environment.

Changing Rooms

If you manage a neighbourhood sports team, operate on construction sites, run a school or business, or just need additional changing rooms, portable shipping container changing rooms are the perfect solution. Portable shipping container restrooms provide a cosy, comfortable, and safe changing facility for all changing needs. A few of the changing room options provided by shipping containers include benches and coat hooks, lighting, a 7kw downflow heater, ventilation, an insulated floor covering, and lockable doors and windows.

Modular Buildings

An alternate space option that is tailored to your needs is provided by modular structures. Modular structures, which are sold in bays, may be quickly expanded and customised to meet any requirement. Additionally, the light solid steel design enables the stacking of bays up to three storeys high. Modular structures may accommodate every need, from a straightforward office to a lodging unit.

Smoking Shelters

By purchasing a dedicated smoking area made from a modified shipping container, you can keep your location secure and clean. Additionally, smoking shelters may be painted in the colour of your choice, have lights and heating installed, and come equipped with chairs and a wall-mounted cigarette bin.

How Much Does a Container Accommodation Unit Cost?

The actual pricing may vary based on various sizes, designs, and combinations; the projected cost starts at FOB 150/sqm. Utilising the steel container cabin was at least 50% less expensive than using a permanent structure. Additionally, by knowing the complete cost of the project before you begin, you will be able to better manage your budget and prevent any expenditures associated with project delays.

Advantages of Accommodation Container

Other temporary dwellings can't match the accommodation container house's numerous notable features. Since it is a complete unit with a lifting hole on the roof and can be moved simply after installation, it is very easy to transport. Particularly appropriate for projects that need frequent site changes.

A house is constructed mostly of steel, which gives it a high degree of stiffness throughout and makes it moderately resistant to deformation and earthquakes. The construction of a particular water drainage system on the roof and a downspout in each pillar, which can quickly collect water from the roof and transmit it to the downspout, would considerably decrease the rust and leak difficulties. The fact that all of the items are delivered and dismantled greatly decreases the amount of space required for shipping and minimises your transportation costs.

A house is constructed mostly of steel, which gives it a high degree of stiffness throughout and makes it moderately resistant to deformation and earthquakes. The construction of a particular water drainage system on the roof and a downspout in each pillar, which can quickly collect water from the roof and transmit it to the downspout, would considerably decrease the rust and leak difficulties. The fact that all of the items are delivered and dismantled greatly decreases the amount of space required for shipping and minimises your transportation costs.

How to Transport and Delivery the Container Accommodation Units?

The detachable container home can fit more items in a 40HQ shipping container than the flat-pack or folding container house. 11–13 pieces of detachable container homes, each measuring 6 × 3 metres, could be loaded inside a 40HQ shipping container. On logistics, it is quite economical.

Container Accommodation Applications

Through horizontal connections, container lodging may be merged into a bigger room to accommodate various purposes. It is a modular production product. The majority of container homes are currently utilised as contact clinics, emergency command centres, staff offices, student classrooms, amusement rooms, conference rooms, and army dorms, in addition to being employed as worker camps, restrooms, showers, and other amenities on building sites.

You'll see that a variety of areas may be combined using the same fundamental unit. The normal measurements are L5950*W3000*H2800mm or L5950*W2400*H2800mm, and to make it simple to move it to another site, they have holes in the roof at each corner joint. You may add further luxuries when the installation is finished, such as an air conditioner, a water heater, a TV and more.

How to Build an Accommodation Container?

A combination of 20-foot and 40-foot containers can be used to create a shipping container accommodation. It's also simple to connect many shipping containers to build a bigger house with more bedrooms, a second story, or even a guest house made of shipping containers. They are reliable, secure, and need little upkeep.

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