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Why use self-storage for your business

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  • 15-06-2021
Why use self-storage for your business

uses of self-storage for a business

Self-storage can often go unnoticed as a service provider to commercial/retail properties, primarily commercial to the customer. Still, self-storage units have been assisting with commercial to commercial work for decades and are an integral part of the infrastructure. 

The rapid advancement and rise of industries within recent years has dramatically benefited self-storage facilities and has allowed for improvements and chains to crop up all over the globe, allowing for so much more ease of access, convenience and choice. Self-storage units don't exclusively cater to the domestic and come with an abundance of benefits to your commercial properties or stores. 

Receipt & Dispatch Services 

Receipt and dispatch services are generally correlated with logistical operations on a large scale. Self-storage units cater for an abundance of these operations. Other models that benefit significantly from this type of service are business with regularly fluctuating stock or that operate using e-commerce properties. 

The delivery of your stock or your companies belongings to your business saves your company significantly on expenses, time and resources while keeping everything easily maintained and overseen.

Self-storage units are more than their domestic marketing or how they're seen at face value; they're an excellent opportunity to operate your small scale distribution centre all in-house and self-controlled. 

Innovative businesses understand the benefits and cost-effective nature of using self-storage units to store your stock, disperse inventory and added security all for one price under one roof.

 Why Use Self Storage For Your Business? Upminster, East London

Stock & Inventory Storage Spaces

Self-storage units are cost-effective and affordable for domestic customers making self-storage units a goldmine from a commercial standpoint and save you money. 

They are also a beneficial substitute for expanding your facility or buying another new outright, primarily when a self-storage unit will serve the same purpose. Sometimes the need for extra space is seasonal or temporary, meaning the commitment or use of an expansion or a new facility becomes redundant. 

With a self-storage unit, your business can tailor our services to your needs. Whether that be the space for how much you need to store or the duration. 

Storage is challenging to navigate when it comes to a business as you can end up forking out for an expensive warehouse or sacrifice your own space for the sake of your business. In addition, your business may not be able to recover from or financially afford the purchase. However, these aren't your only two options; self-storage facilities are an ideal substitute. 

The benefit of using self-storage units as a solution to a problem is that it comes with all the other added benefits which may solve additional issues or benefit your company further, such as extra office space, receipt and dispatch services, and more. 

Office Spaces & Studio Spaces 

Whether you're an established business or an upcoming business, office space isn't always an accessible or affordable venture; however, there are cheaper alternatives. 

For example, many self-storage facilities offer cost-effective, money-saving office space solutions without having to sacrifice anything you'd expect from a higher price tag or industry-standard office space. This is great for new businesses as this can provide you with a physical address and cement your business or get it started. 

Many self-storage facilities are located within the city centre or just outside the city centre, close to commercial districts, other businesses and customers, giving you prime city locations for less than premium prices. Alternatively, you will likely be able to find a self-storage unit close to your current properties or within your desired districts for whatever reason you need. 

EQUIPMENT STORAGE Upminster, East London

Equipment Storage

Self-storage units can be an effective way to secure and protect your equipment or companies belongings, whether that's the added security a self-storage facility provides or keeping your equipment out of the way and in a safe and secure environment. It is beneficial for expensive or delicate equipment such as machinery, tools, photo film, etc. 

A wide range of businesses can benefit from this featuring ranging from industrial companies to more artistic companies. They keep your equipment off the company site or premises during off-work hours or saves you from having to store the equipment personally in your home, preventing accidental damage, theft or vandalism. 

A self-storage facility is also the perfect solution for your seasonal gear.

Our storage facilities feature 24-hour security and access, as well as around the clock CCTV monitoring of the premises, ensuring your peace of mind. 

Archive & Document Storage

Many businesses today still rely on physical documentation for legality or tracking reasons. It could include your business storage. 

Without the benefit of limitless cloud or digital storage, the documents can pile up, possibly requiring their storage room; rather than sacrificing a spare room within your property or forking out for the extra storage, whether that's constructing an additional space or moving to a larger facility. 

This is especially problematic when working from home; a self-storage unit is an ideal alternative solution. Your business may not be able to afford the venture of larger premises or upsizing office space; however, a self-storage unit is cost-effective and affordable. 

It will leave you with the benefit of the currently occupied storage space being free for use. 

A multitude of businesses already take advantage of this benefit to self-storage facilities; enquire with us online or by calling today, and East London Container Services will be happy to offer our help. 


What are the benefits?

Businesses are always looking for ways to get ahead or benefit their company; companies compete with each other, making efficiency more critical. As a result, companies have to consider and weigh their options and constantly seek ways to improve or survive.

Convenient and Flexible

When it comes to how self-storage units benefit your company, the central focal point would be convenience and flexibility. Regardless of the factors surrounding your company, self-storage units will have a benefit to your company. 

Many businesses already take advantage of these facilities and get ahead or cut costs against their competition. 

Self-storage units cater to companies big and small, meaning that self-storage units can store a few valuable or a mass supply regardless of your storage needs. 

In addition, East London Container Services will work around you, completely secure and accessible 24/7 and flexible to your needs and duration with an easy to terminate or extend the contract. 

Easy Business Expansion

Throughout overseeing and managing a business, your company will grow. 

So will the list of requirements, sometimes you're being held back or hindered and will need to switch to a more beneficial solution. 

For example, you may require additional office space; renting a rental property or upsizing isn't always the most optimal solution or even within your budget; it's important as business owners to factor this in. 

Self-storage units are a tried and true cost-effective solution with an abundance of added benefits to boot. 

Guaranteed Security and Safety

Self-storage facilities are also commercial properties that innovate and grow to keep up with demand or the requirements businesses seek or capitalise on their general needs. 

Self-storage facilities can often ensure safety, are more secure than your office building or home and deter theft, vandalism, or accidental damage. Our self-storage facilities are monitored 24/7 with security and access around the clock, leaving you with peace of mind. 


As business owners, your revenue is essential and determines many factors within your business and can also choose the decisions you do or don't make. 

One of the main reasons self-storage units thrive is their cost-effective nature against competitors or other options a business could consider.

Handy Warehouse

Regardless of your reasoning or position, a company can always benefit from additional space or even owning physical space to begin with. 

Self-storage units can be used as storage for your inventory, equipment, or even as a physical office space, putting you on the map for the first time, allowing your clients to come to you or have a physical space to meet with clients. Additional office space is also beneficial when considering upsizing your company or cheaper than consistently renting a rental property. 

Alternatively, the self-storage unit can be used for simple storage, leaving you to work from home without the issue of storing your business within your premises and leaves that used space free for yourself. 

A Walk-in Archive

As mentioned prior, a self-storage unit can be an excellent method to store your inventory or equipment, legal documents, etc. 

Digital copies are susceptible to corruption or hacks and can't assure you the same level of security as physical documents, and sometimes, legally, it isn't possible. 

Self-storage units offer you the ease and convenience of a walk-in secure archive, allowing you to come and go, storing and collecting valuable documents as you please with 24-hour access and security. 

Temporary Storage during Business Transitions

Every business is trying to adapt or innovate to survive, become the forerunners or pioneers, or profit. 

No one company can expect to stay stationary forever, regardless of the reason, whether it be upsizing, remodelling, relocation, etc., the company will have transitionary periods, and it's your job as a business to handle that, but how will you handle that? 

Most companies opt for self-storage to store their stock due to the convenience of the contract allowing them to terminate or extend their lease or choose their required unit sizes. 


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